Dr Boyde was first appointed to a tenured university teaching post in 1963 and has continued to teach at both undergraduate and postgraduate level ever since. At least four former research students are now full professors; others have achieved high rank in research institutes and other government-supported scientific careers as well as in the biotechnology industry

The undergraduate 'Biochemistry Seminar' course at the University of Hong Kong required students to evaluate and discuss the original literature and to present their analysis (including mistakes and where the researchers did not understand their own results) both orally and in writing. No wonder so many students have done so well in their later careers.

The following are some recent Hong Kong research students (1990’s)

Patricia Juliana HUNG (PhD 1996).  Studies on alkaline phosphatase and its relationship to phosphorylation of matrix vesicle components.

Wilfred LEUNG Chi Hang (MPhil 1996).  Electrophoretic studies on matrix vesicles from rabbit growth plate cartilage.

CHAN Lui-Sek  (PhD 1993)  Chemical modification of immunoglobulins and the effects on antigen binding site affinity.

TO Kwong Yuk  (PhD 1993)  Electrophoretic behaviour of polystyrene microspheres in agarose gels.

Rukhsana Usman SIMJEE  (PhD 1994)  Platelet activity and arachidonic acid metabolism: modulation by factors in plasma and cerebrospinal fluid, and by diet.

Venkat Lakshman Rao PAPINENI (PhD 1993)  Physical status of mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase in serum and the role of alpha-2 macroglobulin in its clearance.