Dr Boyde has preserved the wide range of interests that sprang from his training, before the idea of super-specialisation was even thought of, and a lifetime of experience in many parts of the world including laboratory medicine. He is often consulted professionally by patients who wish to have advice from a truly general physician.

He is available for consultation through 21st Century Clinic Ltd in the area of Harley St, London W1.  21st Century Clinics undertake the full range of laboratory tests on the spot. Most are done in-house, therefore quickly, and under personal supervision.

Appointments can be made by telephone to +44 207 820 0098  or +44 207 224 1013 and can be made in  English, French, Somali, Arabic and some other languages.  Discounts are available for those who pre-pay. See the 21st Century Clinic Ltd website for further contact details and details of fees etc.