Nucleic acid-linked conjugates and methods for making and using them

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Two different binding proteins are linked together flexibly such that both can act simultaneously on the same target.

Filed 1999, application published 2004

   It is shown how two proteins, including proteins that may interact with different epitopes on the same target, can be combined through a flexible nucleic acid assembly so that both can bind at once. This property is expected to enhance affinity, improve selectivity, and introduce a new combined specificity. Such conjugates are called 'co-bodies', though the word itself was introduced after the filing date. Nucleic acids have many advantages in this role.

   Instructively, a patent issued on the same day (US 8063018) also concerns two binding proteins connected by a flexible linker and showing increased affinity over that of each monomer, though there is no conflict over claims since the inventors use a polypeptide linker. That filing was nearly ten years later.