Enhanced Discriminatory Power from Polyvalent Binding. Specificity, Selectivity, Discrimination, Molecular Flexibility.

Cancer Co-Bodies Lab Diagnosis Selectivity

Artificial heteropolyvalency introduces a novel specificity (for the totality of epitopes) and demands a re-examination of our concepts, including about molecular flexibility.

In binding of a ligand to a target molecule, mutually-matching heteropolyvalency yields enhanced ‘selectivity’, or ‘discriminatory power’, as is observed in both natural and artificial systems. The same principles must necessarily apply in homopolyvalent binding, allowing fresh insight into the meaning, nature and scope of specificity. A heteropolyvalent ligand has specificity for the totality of different epitopes. Modified nomenclature is proposed to assist in dealing with these concepts, including the definition of a Discrimination Constant. Flexible linkers between ligand binding sites may be advantageous.